Sister Eve, Private Eye - by Lynne Hinton

Sister Eve recognizes that her earthly father's pride could mean the end of his beloved Divine Detective Agency - so she steps in to help him solve a murder mystery. Solving the puzzle soothes her soul, but the satisfaction it brings has her questioning her vocation as a nun. A member of the Benedictine Order at the Monastery in Pecos, New Mexico, Sister Evangeline has lately found herself feeling grumpy with her community, unfulfilled, and a bit uncertain about her calling. So she's not unhappy when she's called home to Madrid, New Mexico, to care for her ailing father, a retired police officer. Retired Police Captain Jackson Divine serves as a Private Eye specializing in the search for lost people and helping to solve cold cases for the New Mexico State Police. Just before Captain Divine's diabetes spiraled out of control and his left foot required amputation, he was hired to find Chaz Cheston by the missing movie director's family. But when Cheston turns up dead - murdered -- the stakes are raised even higher. The police are on the case. Suspects include Mrs. Cheston, an older movie star, as well as Cheston's mistress, a young starlet who had employed Captain Jackson Divine to help in the search. Evangeline helps The Captain solve the case of the missing movie director. But one answered question raises another: will Sister Eve give up her habit?


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