The Last Odd Day - by Lynne Hinton

Jean Clover was born on a mountain with a blind daddy and a mama steeped in sadness. O. T. Witherspoon came along and if he didn't exactly sweep her off her feet, well, at least Jean knew she would be leaving that mountain behind forever. When O. T. dies, Jean is forced to dig into her past and makes a stunning discovery. Forced to reckon with a legacy she didn't know existed, Jean finds a friend the in the most unlikely place... and learns that life is not what we expect.
"A poignant and lyrical novel about one woman's journey from unknowing to knowing…a book worthy of quiet consideration and contemplation, for we must all learn the value of faith, hope, and joy."
-Guy Johnson, Author of Standing at the Scratch Line
"Hinton paints a loving portrait of the unlikely yet inevitable friendship between two remarkable women. This book is a sweet and soulful gem."
-Kathi Kamen Goldmark, Author of And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You



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