The Things I Know Best - by Lynne Hinton

Haunting memories, a love affair, and a tragic secret -- welcome to Pleasant Cross, North Carolina, home to generations of the Ivy family. Admittedly headstrong, each of the Ivy women is blessed -- and cursed -- with a gift of Knowing. Great-grandmother Lodie could call the evil spirits out of a person, while Big Lucille was known to associate with ghosts. Grandma Pinot interprets the sky, Mama Bertie helps out at Lynch's Mortuary with her portents of upcoming passings, and daughter Liddy can tell who folks will marry by looking at their hands. But it's Liddy's twin sister, Tessa, and her discovery of her own special gift that frames this extraordinary tale of women, strength, and family history.
"Wise and deeply moving... a story of ties that bind, of shadows that haunt, and of a love that draws your heart in."
-Joan Medlicott, Author of The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love
"Compelling and enjoyable... a satisfying blend of love, death, grace, and redemption."
-Publishers Weekly



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