Down by the Riverside - by Jackie Lynn

When her husband leaves her for a younger woman, Rose Franklin buys a travel trailer and sets off in an attempt to leave behind her heartache and anger. Partway into her trip, however, her engine stalls, and Rose is forced to spend a couple of days at Shady Grove, a campground along the Mississippi River in West Memphis, Arkansas. Upon her arrival, Rose witnesses the recovery of a body from the river. Lawrence Franklin V, a respected and well-liked man in the community, seems to have committed suicide for no apparent reason. Could it somehow be connected to the ancient slave burial ground that he was researching? As Rose comes to know the characters of this small community, she begins to unravel the mystery of why a man loses his faith and the consequences of his loss.
"In Down By The Riverside, Jackie Lynn's lyrical prose creates a richly diverse cast of characters brought by fate or chance to the Shady Grove Campground on the banks of the timeless Mississippi River (almost a character in itself). Lynn's writing touches the everyday with a golden glow, turning the simplest moments into profound truths. Love, death, healing, redemption, and the deep transcendent connections that can grow between strangers are at the heart of this gentle mystery."
-Vicki Lane, Author of Signs in the Blood
"Lynn elevates the genre with her blend of philosophy, romance, spirituality, and elegant writing... This is a truly lovely book to be read slowly, savoring life by the river in the cool shade."
-Kingston Observer
"This is a distinguished debut. The distinctive setting and eccentric cast of characters who call Shady Grove home are the set-up for a great series."
-Publishers Weekly



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