Jacob's Ladder - by Jackie Lynn

Rose Franklin has been living in West Memphis, Arkansas for six months and life has been quiet; she is enjoying her new friends, life next to the river, and a blossoming romance with neighbor Thomas Sawyer. But when Rose discovers a mysterious camper from New Mexico dead in his trailer, she finds herself in the middle of another mystery. American Indian artifacts, an ancient cultural history, and a passage to grace are at stake as Rose unravels the murder, while at the same time she comes to terms with a visit from her ex-husband and her father's declining health.
"In Jacob's Ladder, Lynn has reprised her wonderful cast of West Memphis riverbank dwellers. It's a fast-paced, funny ride down the river with cleverly drawn characters worthy of the journey."
-Sallie Bissell, Author of In The Forest of Harm
"Jacob's Ladder is perfect light reading for sleepless nights and an exploration into the concept of innocence rewarded."
-Katherine Valentine, Author of The Haunted Rectory and the award-winning Dorsettville series



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