Meditations for Walking - by Lynne Hinton

This devotional guide is Lynne's first book. It is published by Smyth and Helwys, of Macon, Georgia, 1999.

While clearing a path behind her house, Lynne discovers some important truths about her spiritual path as the pastor in her first church. Short, easy to read entries can be used as daily devotional readings or as a weekly study.

"Deeply insightful and participatory. An Artist's Way for the Christian pilgrim. In these brief weekly meditations based on her experience of building a path through the woods, Hinton invites her reader to make connections between life as it occurs and its spiritual meaning. She encourages us to reflect on all of life as a journey of the soul."

-Chaplain Judy Haughee-Bartlett, Greensboro, NC



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